My travel products and useful gadgets…

These are some of the items I use on a regular basis…

My Samsonite suitcase is more than practical! Not only does it accommodate all my stuff, it saves me money on every flight.
Pure water all of the time… You just have to stir the Steripen in a water bottle from the sink, the lake or any source and you have perfectly safe water to drink in 60 seconds.
Save the planet! Stop drinking bottled water! My Kleen Canteen went to war. It’s been everywhere, dropped several times, put to the test and it’s still good as new…

Not a travel item? It gives me the time, the number of steps I do, my heart rate, my little Zen moment if I ever get a panic attack and even my text messages or an alarm when my phone rings! That’s a travelling companion!

I use my travel cubes to better organize my items in my suitcase. In addition, they’re easy to transfer in cabinets and drawers once I get to my destination… Very convenient at all times!
One of the reasons we overpay for consigned luggage is that we bring too many clothes! A great way to save space is to do some hand-washing in your hotel room…
Wash with what? With a SCRUBBA! This is the dream tool to do a little washing on a trip… Not only will you save money, it’s a lifesaver if ever you stain something before a party.
I love reading these guides before I leave. Yes, the internet has a lot of resources, but tactile reading and the amount of information are by far my best way to immerse myself in pre-trip info.
Don’t want to hear your neighbours during the flight, here’s my ultimate trip gadget. 100% peace and quiet, your choice of music or hear nothing at all! A big YES with all the money I’ve saved!
A cube to do everything … Charge your gadgets, plug your stuff… Wherever you go, you’ll be charged and connected!
Soap, cream and lotions in small formats? It’s easy to transfer the amount you need in order to travel lighter!
Risky destinations, pick pockets, worried about cutters… Be safe from theft with a PacSafe like mine. Not only does it serve as an ultra-convenient tote, it protects your most expensive stuff!
While we’re on the subject … Protect your money, your cards and your passport, nothing’s better than my concealed PacSafe wallet which slips under the belt and doesn’t cause irritation.
Do you have cables like me, wires, chargers, gadgets, endless stuff? You need one of these too!

Okay, it won’t prevent someone from stealing your suitcase if they really go at it. All the same, my security cable ties my suitcase, my backpack and my other items that can be linked to it so that I can leave for the day and feel somewhat safer.

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