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Hi, my name is Phil! I’ve travelled the world many times over in the last 5 years, I’ve visited more than 60 countries and I get the best deals on travel. I’ve accumulated unparalleled travel experience. Finding the cheapest flights, low-cost travel packages and hidden discounts, that’s what I do best and it’s what I want to show you how to do with my discount travel guide!

AS A WEB DEVELOPER, I WORK FROM ANYWHERE. Sometimes the beach, sometimes the city, I go where I want, because I find low-cost travel around the world. Cancun, New York, London, Sydney or Bali, wherever… I always find the best prices and I’m ready to share my expertise with you!


It’s very simple… The MY DEALS tab on the DISCOUNT TRAVEL GUIDE site provides a good sampling of tempting offers by booking.com and other sources. You’ll also find useful links to save you money on accommodations and more.

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In addition, I’ll share with you a wealth of useful information that I’ve collected over the last 5 years to help you travel better!


Russia – July 2019

Iceland | Sept. 2018 with WOW Air

Vancouver | Jan-Mar 2018, 3-month stay for free!

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To get started, I’ve made the following trips:

  • Long-term trips to Europe, South America, Central America, Australia, Southeast Asia and more…
  • Travel by plane, cruise ship, train, all-inclusive, Airbnb, hostels, hotel and camping as well…
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